Subscription Service

We offer a monthly subscription service for $997 a month for the city of Los Angeles. For $997 a month, we will display your ad everyday to one of the biggest audiences in the world… Los Angeles. 

Your ad along with other ads will play throughout the month everyday throughout the month. Your ad gets displayed a minimum of 4,320 times a month.
*Max 16,000 times a month.



*FREE Billboard Design: From creative to delivery we guide you every step of the away. (*$150 Value)

*Geo- fencing Targeting Campaign: Wherever the truck goes, there will be a Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram campaign running in that general area. We will geo-fence the route that we are doing for subscription, then  everyone within a certain mile radius will have your ad pop up on their phone as well.

We will update you weekly with the GPS tracking and pictures of your ad on the truck, videos of your AD on the truck & gopro footage of the truck driving around with your AD.