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With over 7 million drivers in Los Angeles alone, we have found a way to get up close and personal with the majority of that population. Gorilla LED trucks change the way gorilla marketing is done by offering an eye- level experience to your consumers. With the largest LED truck fleet in California, we have made special programs with the small business owner in mind. Grenade, bomb, and nuclear packages offer an array of different incentives within each one. 
  • Grenade : being the most cost effective with a total of 21,600 rotations during non- peak hours of the day. 
  • Bomb : being the most bang for your buck offers a total of 14,000 rotations during peak hours of the day offering more impressions. 
  • Nuclear : really makes an impact at street level with a total of 21,600 rotations during high peak hours with the most amount of eyes on your ad. 
Down below is your pricing per day. We hope you enjoy the Gorilla experience.